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The Gardening Certificate Program at NYBG provides you with the core knowledge, hands-on training, and credentials you need to succeed in any garden setting with complete confidence.

Our Online Mini Intensive Program puts you on the fast track to complete this certificate. In just eight weeks, you can complete 40% of the required course work, giving you a solid base in the principles of environmentally sound gardening, soil science, garden care, and more. Classes will be held online with the exception of Plants for Landscaping and Insect Identification and Management, which will meet several times outdoors on NYBG's 250 magnificent acres.

Soil Science for Gardeners
Understand how soil qualities affect overall plant productivity and make sustainable gardening possible. Topics include soil formation and physical properties; soil-water relationships; irrigation, drainage, and fertilization techniques; and basic soil sampling, pH, and nutrient testing.
Summer Session: 6 Tuesdays, 7/6-8/10, 9-11am

Insect Identification and Management
Pest identification is key to maintaining a healthy garden. Identify which common insects are pests and which are beneficial. Learn the most common orders of insects and the damage they can cause, as well as simple, non-toxic methods of preventing major infestations. Blended class: online and on-site.
Summer Session: 4 Wednesdays, 7/7-7/28, 9:30am-12:30pm

Gardening with Native Plants
Learn how native plants enhance gardens and augment biodiversity. Study native herbaceous and woody plants: their identification, habitat, and culture. Discover the significance of woodland soils, and how to promote a healthy environment to support spring ephemerals, summer perennials, shrubs, and trees.
Summer Session: 4 Thursdays, 7/8-7/29, 9-11am

Fundamentals of Gardening
Explore the basics of successful, environmentally friendly gardening. Topics include soils and their improvement, seed sowing, vegetative propagation, planting, pruning, watering, weeding, mulching, and disease and pest control.
Summer Session: 6 Mondays, 7/12-8/16, 9-11am

Plants for Landscaping
Choose the right plant for the right place, based on site-specific design and maintenance criteria. Learn landscape values such as size, texture, color, and flowering and fruiting seasons. Review trees, shrubs, groundcovers, annuals, and perennials suitable for this region. Blended class: online and on-site.
Summer Session: 7 Fridays, 7/16-8/27, 9am (end times vary)

Fundamentals of Garden Design
This class introduces basic garden design principles using the interplay of structural features, plant characteristics, and site assessment. Learn to creatively combine trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and bulbs based on color, shape, texture, and size.
Summer Session: 3 Wednesdays & 2 Thursdays, 8/4-8/18, 9-11:30am

The New Gardener's Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Beautiful and Bountiful Garden, Daryl Beyers

Leopold, Donald J., Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide for Gardening and Conservation. Timber Press, 2005.
ISBN-13: 978-0881926736
ISBN-10: 0881926736

Tallamy, Douglas W., Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants. Timber Press, 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0881929928
ISBN-10: 0881929921

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Schedule: Monday-Friday, July 6-August 20 & August 27 (no class 7/9, 8/17, 8/19)
Times: 09:00am - 12:30pm
Instructor: Daryl Beyers Daryl Beyers
Jennifer Cappello-Ruggiero

Jennifer Cappello-Ruggiero

Mark Kokinchak

Mark Kokinchak

Renee Marsh

Renee Marsh
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