Wellness Classes

Exercise or meditate within the Garden or find new ways to bring healthful plants into your everyday life.


Used in India for over 4,500 years, turmeric is a powerful remedy for your body—both inside and out. An antioxidant with antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties, this spice can help clear up acne, decrease UV damage, and reduce scarring. Ayurvedic practitioner more...
201WEL148B 08/22 Th 11:00am-12:30pm Moorthy


For centuries herbs and spices have been prized not just for their flavors, but as state-of-the-art medicine. Learn about a variety of plants historically used for first aid, to revitalize the immune system, and to treat and prevent asthma, insomnia, more...
201BOT346A 09/21 Sa 10:00am-2:30pm Anthony

When surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature, the mind naturally becomes quiet and peaceful. This is reflected in Japanese Zen, where silent meditation in serene environments is a core element of the practice. Buddhist monks, trained in both Japanese more...
201WEL145C 09/24 Tu 10:00am-1:00pm Suddhaso
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