Instructor: Barbara Mele

Barbara Mele
A native New Yorker, Barbara Mele has been a florist for 20+ years. She learned to love nature at a young age from her grandmother, who was a landscape architect and taught at Notre Dame University.

Barbara calls her personal design style "Urban Garden," which often showcases garden varieties in sleek urban vases. Her work can be seen at Gatherings Floral Design.

Classes by this instructor

Learn the keys to successful floral design and master the mechanics needed to create round, triangular, parallel, and crescent arrangements. Experiment with shape, line, and symmetry while composing beautiful, balanced creations.
241FDN300B 09/09 Sa 10:30am-3:00pm Mele

The ability to command a broad vocabulary of styles defines the professional floral designer. From Neo-Classical and Victorian to English garden and Flemish, understanding floral styles expands your design options, evokes specific moods, and helps create the perfect setting. $290 more...
234FDN302B 06/10 Sa 10:00am-2:30pm Mele

In just five weeks, you can complete all classroom credits toward the NYBG Certificate, so you can get started on your internship requirement ASAP. Working one-on-one with floral design professionals, you'll create dozens of arrangements in diverse styles for many more...
241FDN950 07/10 Mo 10:00am-5:00pm Cawley
Raimondi, CLP