Instructor: Daryl Beyers

Daryl Beyers
NYBG's Gardening Program Coordinator, Daryl Beyers, brings over 20 years' experience designing residential gardens and private estates toNYBG. Daryl has gone from the self-described "the guy pushing thewheelbarrow" to the owner of his own design business and an accomplished garden writer. He's a former editor at Fine Gardening, and his articles have been featured in HGTV Magazine and in Martha Stewart Living, where he also served as Contributing Editor.

Classes by this instructor

Put all your garden ideas into practice with this practical overview of the best layout plans and circulation patterns. Learn how to analyze space and proportions to create a coherent landscape design that complements both home and garden.
243GAR222DO 03/20 We 6:00pm-8:00pm Beyers

This class introduces basic garden design principles using the interplay of structural features, plant characteristics, and site assessment. Learn to creatively combine trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and bulbs based on color, shape, texture, and size.
243GAR342BO 02/26 Mo 6:00pm-8:30pm Beyers

Explore the basics of successful, environmentally friendly gardening. Topics include soils and their improvement, seed sowing, vegetative propagation, planting, pruning, watering, weeding, mulching, and disease and pest control. This course is also required for the Horticultural Therapy Certificate.
244GAR301AO 04/15 Mo 6:00pm-8:00pm Beyers

Good garden design isn't easy, but for anyone with a passion for plants, a little imagination, and proper guidance, it is possible to succeed. Learn the basics of garden design, review examples that work for different architectural styles and site more...
244GAR317 06/15 Sa 10:30am-3:00pm Beyers

Do you prefer simple and clean or wild and lush? Whatever your preference, learn to use basic principles of repetition, symmetry, and color theory to blend your beloved collection of houseplants into a unified design. We'll discuss a broad palette more...
244GAR364 06/01 Sa 10:00am-1:00pm Beyers

Make a great first impression by creating a welcoming entry garden for your home. Learn how to design a stylish front garden. Review examples that work for different architectural styles, and develop plant liststhat fit the specific needs of every more...
244GAR326O 04/08 Mo 6:00pm-8:00pm Beyers

Learn how to design, plant, and care for a container garden that's both functional and full of four-season beauty, whether it's on your home patio, terrace, or deck—or in your apartment. This course teaches you the basics of choosing and more...
243PLT120 04/03 We 12:00am-11:59pm Beyers
244PLT120B 06/05 We 12:00am-11:59pm Beyers