Instructor: Matthew DeBacco

No image available Matthew DeBacco is a three-time University of Connecticut graduate, receiving his Bachelor of Science primary major in Pathobiology and a secondary major in Horticulture along with a minor in Molecular and Cellular Biology. He continued on to earn a Masters in Agronomy studying organic suppression of powdery mildew in cucurbits and analysis of the degradation of fiber pots in a field plot setting. From there he pursued an additional Masters in Education at UConn, followed by a Ph. D. in Education completed through Ashford University. He has worked with growers across Connecticut with nutrient management plans and one-on-one consulting. This required diagnosing plant problems while offering guidance for growers and providing reports for grower alerts. In addition to this, he has taught five different college courses at the University of Connecticut, with the most recent being the nation's first Cannabis Horticulture course offered at a public university. As a hobby, he enjoys growing giant pumpkins and has held the Connecticut state record twice, with his largest being 1,885.5 pounds.

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