Landscape Design Certificate Classes

The NYBG Landscape Design Certificate Program prepares students for creative careers as landscape designers. Outstanding instructors who are working professionals cover every step of the design process, from landscape history to site analysis and design development, is covered. This interactive program enables you to take on a spectrum of projects from simple to complex and also to offer complete landscape design services.

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Apply basic design to site-specific problems, focusing on the process of design development. Start with a concept, then progress through the schematic phase to a preliminary design solution. Examine the relationships of landscape elements and materials to the design process.
244LAN402B 05/02 Th 10:00am-1:00pm Planco

Graphics are essential in developing and communicating your ideas. Practice various graphic techniques on a range of materials and equipment and learn how to organize and render landscape plans on paper for optimal presentation to clients. Homework is required.
244LAN311BO 05/04 Sa 10:30am-1:30pm Miller

Choose the right plant for the right place, based on site-specific design and maintenance criteria. Learn landscape values such as size, texture, color, and flowering and fruiting seasons. Review trees, shrubs, groundcovers, annuals, and perennials suitable for this region.
244HRT358D 05/17 Fr 10:00am-12:40pm Simeone

Learn the basic principles of constructing residential landscape features such as walks, steps, simple decks, garden structures, walls, and benches. Study landscape construction standards, techniques,and commonly used materials, and learn to draft construction details. more...
244LAN422O 05/18 Sa 12:00pm-3:00pm Arrington
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