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The New York Botanical Garden is home to New York City's oldest and most prestigious Floral Design Program, and for over four decades has sent hundreds of graduates on to enjoy rewarding careers. With hands-on practice and with personal attention from NYBG's rigorous yet nurturing instructors, you'll develop the mastery and confidence to express yourself through flowers. Choose an individual course for fun, or pursue a Certificate in Floral Design.

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Learn the keys to successful floral design and master the mechanics needed to create round, triangular, parallel, and crescent arrangements. Experiment with shape, line, and symmetry while composing beautiful, balanced creations.
244FDN300A 04/25 Th 10:00am-2:30pm Cawley

Joshua Werber's playful headpieces are certain to delight, as his many followers on Instagram readily attest. In this special workshop, Joshua will discuss how to use botanical materials from The Orchid Show to design headpieces that showcase these special blooms. more...
244FDN316 04/26 Fr 11:00am-2:00pm Werber


Colors—like flowers themselves—evoke feeling and sentiment, and set the mood. Explore the role of color in floral design using a spectrum of flowers. This course gives you a solid grounding in color theory, while highlighting the latest hues and color more...
244FDN306O 05/06 Mo 6:00pm-8:30pm Woodson

Design and create arrangements appropriate for the ceremony, season, and setting, including aisle and altar designs, pew arrangements, and banquet table centerpieces. Work with a remarkable array of flowers, foliage, and fabrics to create captivating garlands and columns. Discussions include more...
244FDN305 05/07 Tu 10:00am-2:30pm Cawley

Simple yet elegant—floral crowns evoke nature and romance. Far from being a hippie throwback, flower crowns remain trendy for summer music festivals, parties, and weddings. Fashion your own crown using seasonal blooms and fresh foliage in this tranquil, hands-on class. more...
244FDN126 05/08 We 6:30pm-8:30pm Mele

Take inspiration from the dark and moody tropes established in literature that have deeply influenced our pop culture as you design an alluring floral arrangement using seasonal materials. You'll combine Fritillaria Persica, Queen of Night tulips, deep burgundy ranunculus to more...
244FDN415 05/10 Fr 11:00am-2:00pm Werber

Celebrate Mother's Day with a unique bonding experience at our special parent-child Ikebana floral design workshop geared toward families. Led by esteemed Ikenobo School instructor Paula Tam and assistant Yiwei Zhang, this engaging session invites parents and children to dive more...
244FDN284 05/11 Sa 11:00am-12:30pm Tam

Tabletop garlands and floral runners are enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to their lush and elegant beauty. Learn the techniques of color, repetition, and rhythm to create a centerpiece that spans the length of the wedding table, cleverly designed more...
244FDN362 05/17 Fr 10:00am-2:30pm Mele

Learn to navigate the bustling New York flower district! Discover where to get the best flowers and hard goods from the pros. Your confirmation letter will include where we will meet in the flower district. Lunch is not included. Dress more...
244FDN400B 05/22 We 9:00am-12:30pm Woodson

The ability to command a broad vocabulary of styles defines the professional floral designer. From Neo-Classical and Victorian to English garden and Flemish, understanding floral styles expands your design options, evokes specific moods, and helps create the perfect setting. $290 more...
244FDN302B 05/29 We 10:00am-2:30pm Elfe

Create your own professional-looking arrangements with economical, store-bought bouquets. Using simple design principles and fresh flowers from your local grocery store or farmers market, learn how to design and create your own elegant arrangements.
244FDN210D 05/30 Th 6:00pm-8:00pm Mele
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