"Travel the globe" during this survey of European, American, Chinese, Japanese, and Islamic garden traditions, while exploring a wide range of iconic examples—from private gardens to public parks. You'll learn about the theories and principles that have shaped landscape design more...
243PLT100 04/03   Merritt

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the plants around you—wondering how they grow and thrive? Indulge your curiosity as we introduce you to the fascinating world of plant science, and the techniques our scientists use to study, collect, and conserve more...
243PLT110 04/03   Naghshineh

Learn how to design, plant, and care for a container garden that's both functional and full of four-season beauty, whether it's on your home patio, terrace, or deck—or in your apartment. This course teaches you the basics of choosing and more...
243PLT120 04/03   Beyers

Familiarize yourself with the basics of sustainable floral design through orchids. This course teaches you to create stunning arrangements, step by step, with simple design principles and easy-to-find materials. You'll gain confidence in your skills by creating three orchid arrangements more...
243PLT130 04/03   Khan

Learn to prune like NYBG! In this two-week course, our plant experts will guide you through essential pruning techniques for woody plants like small trees and shrubs, provide insight on why and when to prune, as well as give constructive more...
243PLT140 04/03   Ippolito
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