Botanical Art & Illustration Certificate Electives

Students seeking a Certificate may focus their electives on watercolor, colored pencil, drawing—or they may choose a natural science concentration. Elective courses build on foundation skills and allow the student to tailor their direction of study. Students who are pursuing a Certificate must complete at least 54 elective course hours.

Elective course offerings vary with every catalog season. Browse this page to discover what's currently scheduled.


This course offers an immersive exploration of drawing dragonflies with colored pencils. Through comprehensive demonstrations and hands-on practice, learn to depict the intricate beauty of these winged creatures, from their iridescence to the delicate wing veining. You'll discover essential techniques more...
251BIL384O 07/30 Tu 11:00am-2:00pm Reiner


Learn how toned paper creates dimension and allows for vibrant colors, dramatic light, and dark application—bringing your subject to life. Using colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache, you'll explore a variety of painting techniques as you study the color shifts caused more...
251BIL359O 08/13 Tu 6:00pm-9:00pm Lyness
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