Botanical Art & Illustration Certificate Electives

Students seeking a Certificate may focus their electives on watercolor, colored pencil, drawing—or they may choose a natural science concentration. Elective courses build on foundation skills and allow the student to tailor their direction of study. Students who are pursuing a Certificate must complete at least 54 elective course hours.

Elective course offerings vary with every catalog season. Browse this page to discover what's currently scheduled.


Using specimens from The Orchid Show, learn to paint the exquisite beauty of these delicate flowers. Master orchid artist Carol Woodin will show you techniques to achieve the waxy textures, subtle colors, and graceful forms of this flower family. Each more...
244BIL399 05/02 Th 10:00am-3:30pm Woodin

Talented botanical artist and active scientific illustrator Crystal Shin will share her approach to colored pencil renderings, from the importance of color observation to unique layering techniques that yield deep saturation, smooth surface, and vibrant, glowing undertones of watercolor. Through more...
244BIL409O 05/16 Th 6:00pm-8:00pm Shin

Practice techniques learned in Botanical Watercolor I using live subjects such as leaves, stems, and fruit. Emphasis is on realistic portrayal of botanical subjects and traditional methods of dry brush watercolor painting, with attention to detail and color accuracy. more...
244BIL332O 05/21 Tu 5:30pm-8:30pm James
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