Instructor: Liz Leech

Liz Leech
Liz Leech trained as a botanist at Exeter University, taught field botany at Flatford Mill Field Centre, and then emigrated to do ecological research at the University of Melbourne. On her return to England, she spent 20+ happy years as a grammar school teacher. She then went to work at East Malling Research Station in Kent, in the Plant Breeding department and then at Shell Research doing tissue culture of Eucalyptus trees.

Lacking any previous art training, Liz had always painted flowers but remained dissatisfied with the results. However, in 2000, a chance encounter with an article on Anne-Marie Evans' teaching had her enrolling in the English Gardening School's Botanical Art Course, at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London where she gained a prestigous diploma. Since then, she has tutoring artists on how to observe plants before they paint them with botanical accuracy; working in her studio, and writing two books aimed at artists or anyone wanting to learn how to really look at plants.

Her paintings are inspired by her lifelong love of plants and by the 19th Century botanical paintings which are based on detailed and botanically accurate observations of a plant and its distinctive structures.

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All flowering plants produce fruit, regardless of whether the fruit is edible, hard or soft. In this class, you'll combine botanical morphology with illustration to gain a deeper understanding of plant reproduction—how fruits develop from fertilized carpels in various ways more...
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