Horticulture: Intro Classes & Workshops


Learn to prune like NYBG! In this two-week course, our plant experts will guide you through essential pruning techniques for woody plants like small trees and shrubs, and more.
251PLT140A 07/03   Bray

Choose the right plant for the right place, based on site-specific design and maintenance criteria. Learn landscape values such as size, texture, color, and flowering and fruiting seasons. Review trees, shrubs, groundcovers, annuals, and perennials suitable for this region.
251HRT358A 07/13 Sa 10:00am-12:40pm Nolan
251HRT358 07/15 Mo 1:00pm-4:00pm Ruggiero

This user-friendly intro course surveys the major plant groups-flowering plants, conifers, ferns, and bryophytes-focusing on their form and structure. Become botanically literate and gain practical experience in dissecting and analyzing plant structures.
251HRT300AO 07/22 Mo 5:30pm-7:45pm Cheng

Gain an understanding of the principles of pollination and learn how to create landscapes that attract a diversity of pollinators. In this class, you'll review pollinator ecology and the varied types of pollinators in the northeast region; explore native plant more...
251HRT125 07/27 Sa 10:00am-1:00pm Eierman, EcoBeneficial
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