Light on Complex Compositions

Gain an understanding of how light interacts with multiple botanical subjects in a single composition. Light on form is critical to creating dimension in a botanical illustration; when a composition contains several botanical specimens, additional attention to the placement of lights and shadows is needed to create a unified appearance. In this class, you'll work on achieving uniformity on basic forms, where one specimen must relate to another. Then, you'll enhance your understanding of the effect of light on compound forms such as leaves, branches, complex flowers and highly textured surfaces as you create a multi-subject composition using your choice of live specimens and/or a photograph, as well as your preferred medium. Prerequisites: Drawing III and Watercolor I or Colored Pencil

Schedule: Every week on Monday, starting on 09/09/24 and ending on 10/21/24 (excluding 10/14/24)
Times: 10:30am-01:30pm EDT
Instructor: Rose Marie James Rose Marie James
Location: Online-Live,

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Prerequisite(s): Botanical Drawing III: Focus on Flowers
Botanical Watercolor I
Colored Pencil
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