Horticultural Therapy for Youth with Disabilities - ONLINE

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Gain insights into the causes and characteristics of developmental, sensory, physical, behavioral, and learning disabilities in children and adolescents. Learn to implement horticultural therapies that meet a range of goals in programs for preschool through high school. Explore brain-based research, and activities that can improve perceptual development and the learning process.

Textbooks are not included in cost.

Required Text:
Horticulture as Therapy: Principles and Practice.
Simpson, Sharon P.,PhD and Straus, Martha C, HTM, editors,
The Food Products Press, Binghamton, NY, 1998.

In addition to the textbook above, this course requires the purchase of materials. Please refer to the materials list linked below for more information.

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Introduction to Horticultural Therapy
Introduction to Horticultural Therapy - ONLINE

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