Summer Insect Study

With lushly cultivated gardens, native plants, and variety of natural habitats, NYBG is a haven for observing many species of pollinators and other fascinating insects. During the summer pollination season, dozens of species of butterflies, dragonflies, bees, beetles, wasps, flies, moths and grasshoppers can be found on grounds. Whether you are an experienced naturalist or a beginner, this single-day walk & talk will help you develop a new appreciation for insects and learn how to look at them carefully, observing details that will aid in identification for future observations.

Materials Information:
Please bring your own binoculars or magnifiers. The instructor will email information on the optics before the class.

Schedule: Wednesday, August 14, 2024
Only 30 days left to register!
Times: 10:00am-01:00pm EDT
Instructor: Ken Chaya Ken Chaya
Location: NYBG, Watson Room 307
2900 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10458
Session Number: 251NAT216
Price Non-Member : $100.00
Member : $90.00
Complimentary : $0.00

Additional Sessions Available
There are currently no other sections available.