Plant Studio: Landscape Design History for Beginners

This flexible online course will remain open for registration until 6 days after the course start date. Note the "Schedule" of each session for more information.
"Travel the globe" during this survey of European, American, Chinese, Japanese, and Islamic garden traditions, while exploring a wide range of iconic examples-from private gardens to public parks. You'll learn about the theories and principles that have shaped landscape design traditions, and design your own pocket garden.

How It Works
Over the course of six weeks, you'll be given access to a new online module each Wednesday that teaches you the basic principles of landscape design history. You will have one week to complete the assigned coursework and participate in the discussion board for each module, and you'll get live feedback from your instructor when you turn in your final project at the end of the course. You can revisit the modules and discussion board for up to 30 days after the completion of your course.

Weekly Course Objectives
  • Week 1: Dig into the history and basic principles of landscape design.
  • Week 2: Examine Italian Renaissance gardens.
  • Week 3: Explore Chinese and Japanese gardens, including iconic gardens like the rock garden at Ryoan-ji in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Week 4: Study French Baroque style like that found at the gardens of Versailles.
  • Week 5: Journey through English garden design from the 18th to 20th centuries.
  • Week 6: Conclude your study with 19th and 20th century American landscapes, including ones found at NYBG. Apply your knowledge by designing a small garden of your own and ponder possible garden designs of the future.

Featured Plant Professionals
  • Mark Bunnell, RLA, partner in the landscape architecture firm Quennell Rothschild & Partners
  • Marta McDowell, author, garden writer, and landscape design and horticulture instructor at NYBG
  • Caitlin Merritt, landscape design instructor at NYBG and professor of philosophy, intellectual history, and great books at Sacred Heart University

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Schedule: Course length is 6 weeks (August 7-September 18) and registration will remain open until August 13. The course welcome module opens July 31 and a 30-day reading period is available through October 18.
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