Horticultural Therapy for Older Adults - ONLINE

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Older adults present an increasing need for therapeutic services. Learn about the physical, sensory, cognitive, psychological, and social aspects of aging and their implications for horticultural therapy programming. Explore how horticulture can be an important component in the various levels of geriatric care.

Textbooks are not included in cost.

Required Texts:
Horticulture as Therapy: Principles and Practices. Simpson, Sharon P., PhD. and Straus, Martha C, HTM, editors. The Food Products Press, 1998.

Recommended Texts:
Being Mortal : Medicine and What Matters in the End.Gawande, Atul. Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, 2014.

In addition to the textbooks above, this course requires the purchase of materials. Please refer to the materials list linked below for more information.

Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

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