Light, Shadow, and the Golden Hour - BLENDED

This blended class meets online for some sessions and on NYBG grounds for others. Registered students will receive login instructions and a syllabus with specifics.
Light fundamentally influences the mood and composition of your photos. Explore how to make the best use of different kinds of natural light by optimizing your camera settings, consciously choosing what time of day you shoot, and using shadows, a fill light, or a reflector. We'll take pictures on the grounds and then discuss the results. All levels welcome.

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Schedule: ONSITE- Saturday, 9/18 (Rain date 9/25), 4-7pm
Times: 04:00pm - 07:00pm
Instructor: David Samuel Stern David Samuel Stern
Location: Some sessions meet online & some at NYBG,

Session Number: 221GWP238BL
Price Non-Member : $85.00
Member : $75.00

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