Instructor: Michele Whaley

Michele Whaley
Biography: Michele Whaley has taught languages in Alaska for more than thirty years. She has mentored teachers for the last fifteen, sharing methodology techniques locally, nationally and internationally at language conferences and workshops. A recent focus is on preserving indigenous languages. Michele believes that languages open our eyes to new ways of thinking and communicating, and she works to find and share the most effective techniques for language acquisition. Michele was the 2016 Pacific Northwest Language teacher of the year and she was a national finalist in 2017. She teaches Russian at the University of Alaska and kindergarten through fifth-grade Spanish at Pacific Northern Academy in Anchorage. She has been part of COSSI since its inception.

Classes by this instructor

Beginning Russian
Dobro Pozhalovat'! Join us for this introductory Russian course and learn the basics of the Russian language and culture. Through activities, fairy tale figures, songs, and other personalities, you will become familiar with 16 of the highest-used Russian verbs and basic nouns.
January 3, 2022 to February 28, 2022, ONLINE ZOOM