Instructor: Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams
Biography: Nicole Williams, a restorative yoga expert and certified yoga instructor, began studying zazen meditation in Japan in 1988. She went on to get a BA in dance/movement therapy at Evergreen State College in 1992. Nicole brings playful inspiration to her students. She has created a unique series of restorative yoga formulas that blend movement and stillness. These formulas and the extensive use of props like sandbags, bolsters, and blankets are the hallmarks of Sundog yoga. Nicole has studied with the senior teachers of yin yoga, restorative yoga training, and structural formulas inspired by body-based mindfulness gurus: Judith Lasater, Pema Chodron, and Tom Myers. In 2000, Nicole created Sundog Yoga in Sedona, Arizona. She moved to Bend in 2006 and brought SunDog to the Yoga Loft. Since 2009, she has taught restorative and yin yoga classes and assisted with teacher training at Central Oregon Community College and Yoga Lab. Nicole copyrighted her first yoga book: "Awake and Calm - A Home Practice Workbook." Nicole plans to learn ways to keep improving the lives of those she teaches.

Classes by this instructor

Restorative yoga is a powerful sequence of supported therapeutic postures to turn on the body's natural healing capacity. This is an experience of holding shapes while being supported with bolsters, blankets and sandbags to add traction, grounding and increased range of motion. Props support the body to open and lengthen gradually.
August 1-22, 2024 | 11:00am-12:15pm | Bend