Native Flora - Any Season

When this course is listed as a prerequisite for another course, it means ANY of the Native Flora classes count to fulfill the prerequisite. In other words, it doesn't matter which season you took the class in, as long as you've taken one of them, you're set!

Native Flora in Spring - BOT333
Our native wildflowers, trees, and shrubs signal rebirth in spring. Learn to identify them and become familiar with their structure and taxonomy. Take part in field walks and classroom sessions, and practice using taxonomic keys.

Native Flora in Summer - BOT334
Learn to identify native and introduced herbs, ferns, shrubs, and trees as they appear in summer, and get to know plants that may be found in fields, on roadsides, and in woodlands and wetlands. Learn about basic plant structure and taxonomy.

Native Flora in Autumn - BOT331
Autumn is one of the most spectacular times to learn more about the native flora of the Northeast. Goldenrods and asters take center stage at this time of year, but can be difficult to identify. Equipped with a 10X power hand lens, you'll learn to use a plant key to help you identify these plants on the Garden grounds, as well as other wildflowers, shrubs, and trees.

Native Flora in Winter - BOT332
Learn to recognize the characteristics of native and common woody and herbaceous plants in the winter. While in their dormant, leafless state, trees and shrubs can be identified by bud types, leaf scars, fruit remnants, and other distinguishing marks. Specimens examined in class are supplemented by forays around the Garden. Dress for the weather.

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