Native Flora in Winter

Learn to recognize the characteristics of native and common woody and herbaceous plants in the winter. While in their dormant, leafless state, trees and shrubs can beidentified by bud types, leaf scars, fruit remnants, and other distinguishing marks. Specimens examined in class are supplemented by forays around the Garden. Dress for the weather.

Required Textbooks:
Core and Ammons, Woody Plants in Winter, The Boxwood Press, Pacific Grove, Cal. 1958
Levine, Carol, A Guide to The Identification of Wildflowers in Winter, Yale University Press, 1995

Recommended Textbooks:
Watts and Watts, Winter Tree Finder, Nature Study Guild, 1970
Harlow, William, Fruit Key and Twig Key to Trees and Shrubs. Dover Publications,1946 Brown, Lauren, Weeds in Winter

Plant Structure
Basic Plant ID

Available Sessions

January 14, 2022 to February 4, 2022 | 10:00am-01:00pm | NYBG | Slowik (No seats currently available, may only waitlist)