SketchUp - ONLINE

This class will take place online. Registered students will receive login instructions.

Build and expand upon your graphic presentation skills to create professional presentations to clients.Trimble SketchUp, a 3D sketching software program,is the focus of this advanced graphics class. Laptop computers (PC or Mac) with SketchUp are required. Prerequisite: Graphics II

Please Note: This class requires basic computer skills including: use of a two-button mouse and scroll wheel, general understanding of keyboard shortcuts, ability to use the internet and access websites such as You Tube, familiarity with email and ability to download files via email, ability to create folders, familiarity with PDF and JPEG files, and familiarity with Dropbox. Knowledge of a photo manipulation program such as Photoshop or Microsoft Picture Manager is helpful. If you do not possess these skills, please contact the Registration office at

First day of class requirement Please have SketchUp on your laptop for the first class session. Visit this link to purchase and download the student version of SketchUp Pro. A valid Gmail address is required. You will be asked to provide proof of your enrollment in the class, such as your confirmation email. It takes them one business day to confirm your eligibility before they allow the download.

Required Text
Landscape Graphics
Grant W. Reid

Graphics I
Graphics II: DynaSCAPE

Available Sessions

This course contains no sessions