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Courses & Events

This is an advanced training for officers who have completed Standardized Field Sobriety Testing training to give them additional skills to recognize signs and symptoms of impairment from drugs other than alcohol.
This course is designed to educate individuals who wish to become child passenger safety technicians.
This course will cover the instruction of police arrest and control tactics as well as defensive techniques.
This seminar will train officers who conduct training for law enforcement officers, as well as supervisors who oversee the officers and the recruits they are training.

August 15-17, 2017, Shawnee Police Department ( No seats currently available )

The Firearms Instructor School is intended to increase the teaching skills of the firearms instructor.
Evaluate evidentiary findings through crime scene images, interviews and case studies.
This class will inform participants on several EMS landing zone procedures.
Hostage Negotiation training deals with the psychology, personality, and strategies of individuals involved in hostage incidents.
This interactive class will address how abusers, perpetrators, and stalkers misuse common technologies to further abuse victims of sexual and domestic violence and stalking. 
Participants will understand the proper steering, braking and acceleration throughout a skid maneuver.
During this 8-hour training course, attendees will learn about adolescent development; risk and needs assessments; mental health; diversity; youth crisis intervention; substance abuse; trauma-informed responses; and other evidence-based practices in school policing to mitigate student juvenile justice exposure.
This presentation will focus on protection from abuse (PFA) and protection from stalking (PFS) orders including who can get them and how they are enforced.
KLETC procedure for providing retired or separated law enforcement officers the opportunity for annual firearms qualification.
This one-day training session will focus on International Terrorism Threats to the US, Domestic Terrorism and Violent Criminal Extremism, and Understanding the Sovereign Citizen Threat.
This 6-hour block of training will consist of a combination of two presentations: "Summary of De-escalation Strategies, Tactical Planning and Sound Decision Making" and "Understanding the Psychological and Physiological Responses to Fear and Maximizing Performance during Critical Situations."
For years, scientists and criminal justice practitioners have known that some eyewitnesses struggle to recognize the face of the stranger they saw for only a few moments. Worse, some witnesses believe they recognize him, but are wrong.
This 2-hour block of instruction will focus on Occupant Protection and Impaired Driving.
At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have increased their awareness of terrorism-related threats impacting their safety.