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School Safety

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Creating and maintaining a safer school environment is the primary goal of every SRO. This is a Kansas-developed advanced class for School Resource Officers who have previously participated in a basic School Resource Officer training. This three-day training assists SRO's in equipping themselves with additional information and skills they may need to build their school's program for continued positive growth. The training will also help SRO's learn to recognize, address and prevent crime commonly found within schools. The topics covered in this 24-hour training include building relationships, CPTED/Crisis Drills/Practicals, Kansas School Law, Responding to At-Risk students, Human Trafficking, Interdiction exercises, and networking opportunities.

June 8-10, 2020, KLETC Campus Integrity Auditorium (Hutchinson, KS)
This Instructor Development course is designed to provide participants with the fundamentals of course design, lesson plans, facilitation skills and techniques to effectively promote student engagement while managing the classroom.

August 4-7, 2020, KLETC Campus Learning Center Classroom Bldg (Hutchinson, KS)
Interdiction for the Protection of Children is designed to make patrol officers aware of the variety of resources available to assist them in establishing the status of a child who may be missing, exploited, or at risk of exploitation and what courses of action are immediately available.

June 16-17, 2020, Regional Police Academy (Kansas City, MO)
Creating and maintaining a safer school environment is the primary goal of every SRO. This five-day training assists SROs in equipping themselves with the information and skills needed to identify, address and prevent crime and violence in Kansas schools. The 40-hour curriculum will cover SROs major responsibilities as well as Kansas School Laws, Student Development and the Brain, De-escalation Techniques for Youth, Interviewing Youth, Drug Trends, and Single Officer Response.

July 27-31, 2020, KLETC Campus Integrity Auditorium (Hutchinson, KS)
This two-day Social Media & Open Source Investigations course is designed to teach law enforcement personnel how to legally utilize and exploit Open Source and Social Media intelligence in their respective roles. Students will be taught how to conduct online investigations while using advanced searching techniques. Students will be shown relevant and current case studies to reinforce some of the unconventional investigative techniques taught in the course. Students will learn the most current case law that allows them to use these techniques in their investigations. The investigative techniques taught in this class apply to Patrol Officers, Detectives, SRO's, Dispatchers, Crime Analysts, etc.

June 11-12, 2020, KLETC Campus Integrity Auditorium (Hutchinson, KS)