Course detail: Pipeline Emergency Response Training

Course Description: 

This course will provide all law enforcement officers in the State of Kansas the knowledge needed to effectively respond to a pipeline emergency by providing resources to identify what pipelines and products exist in each county/jurisdiction, to identify the local operator representing these pipelines, and how to work a coordinated effort in response to a pipeline incident. 

Core Competencies: 
  • Participants will develop their understanding of pipeline vocabulary, products and protocols to increase their ability to adequately and appropriately respond to potential pipeline emergencies.
Course Objectives: 
  • Identify pipeline types and products in each county/jurisdiction in the state of Kansas 
  • Identify local operators of pipelines 
  • Recognize essential contacts to ensure a coordinated response to a pipeline incident
Instructional Methods: 
  • Lecture 
  • Group Discussion 
  • Informal polling 
  • Scenarios 
Who Should Attend: 
  • All First Responders 
Course Requirements: 
  • 100% participation required

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