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The Applied Behavior Analysis for Practitioners Online Course consists of 16 lessons and provides the 40 hours of guided training required to take the RBT Competency Assessment and exam. The program at KU is an online, self-paced distance learning course that contains numerous practice application activities. The program is designed and conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst from the KU Department of Applied Behavioral Science, who will be available to provide regular feedback on progress.

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A Note About Course Dates: The dates listed below refer to the open enrollment period for this course and not the course start and end dates. We offer multiple enrollment periods per year for this online course, so the dates for the session actively taking registrations change regularly.
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July 1, 2020 to April 27, 2021
Looking to grow your professional skills? From the providers of the Community Tool Box at the University of Kansas comes this exciting opportunity to earn a Certificate in Community Engagement. Community engagement is critical to making meaningful progress on important issues. Whether you come from community and public health, urban planning, applied social work, substance abuse prevention, or other applied fields, a Certificate in Community Engagement can help you demonstrate your commitment to and knowledge in engaging community stakeholders throughout the process of understanding and developing solutions to community problems.

This course contains no sessions