Landscape Design Certificate Program


The NYBG Landscape Design Certificate Program prepares students for creative careers as landscape designers. Outstanding instructors who are working professionals cover every step of the design process, from landscape history to site analysis and design development, is covered. This interactive program enables you to take on a spectrum of projects from simple to complex and also to offer complete landscape design services. 

Upon completion of the Landscape Design Certificate program, students will:

  • Analyze existing landscapes, identify site-specific problems and develop design solutions.
  • Prepare planting plans that are practical, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing for a variety of projects. 
  • Demonstrate skills associated with site engineering practices, principles, and techniques. 
  • Develop strategies for professional success using skills in preparing proposals, pricing, purchasing and more



Landscape Design History
LAN 301   24
Graphics I LAN 311   24
Landscape Measurement
LAN 340 P 12
Landscape Plants: Fall Trees and Shrubs HRT 331 P 12
Landscape Plants: Spring Trees and Shrubs HRT 334 P 12
Plants for Landscaping HRT 358   16
TIER 2      
Landscape Design I: Site Analysis and Schematic Design LAN 401 P 24
Landscape Design II: Design Development LAN 402 P 24
Estimating LAN 380 P 9
Graphics II LAN 411 P 24
Site Materials and Details LAN 422 P 24
TIER 3      
Grading & Drainage LAN 428 P 24
Graphics III LAN 417 P 24
Landscape Design III: Planting Design LAN 403 P 24
Business Practices for Landscape Professional LAN 457 P 12
Landscape Design IV: Design and Construction LAN 520 P 33
Portfolio and Presentation Skills LAN 555 P 15

P = Courses with a prerequisite before you can register

For classes with no current session available, please check back when we announce the Spring-Summer 2021 catalog.