Instructor: Neil Pederson

Neil Pederson
Neil Pederson is a senior ecologist at the Harvard Forest studying climate-forest dynamics and disturbance ecology. Born and raised in Volney, NY, Neil earned an associate degree in Math at SUNY-Morrisville, a bachelor's degree in Forest Biology at SUNY-ESF, a master's degree in forestry at Auburn University, and a Ph.D. in forest ecology and climate at Columbia University. He has been a forester, professor, and research professor before starting at the Harvard Forest. Neil focuses on the ecology of temperate, mesic forests including the eastern US, including the the Connecticut River Valley, Spain, east Asia, and the Colchic Temperate Rainforest in Turkey and the Republic of Georgia.

Classes by this instructor

Join Neil Pederson, Ph.D., professor and senior ecologist at the Harvard Forest, for this interactive workshop on what tree rings can teach us about the ways ecosystems respond to climate change. Old trees hold precious information about climate, precipitation levels, more...
242BOT397 10/28 Sa 11:00am-1:00pm Pederson