Instructor: Maggie Riche

Maggie Riche
Maggie Riche has been flourishing in the field of therapeutic horticulture for over ten years. She began her career working in an alternative high school with historically underserved youth in Harlem, which is where first discovered the connective, spiritual power of working with both plants and people. She then went on to complete her NYBG horticultural therapy internship serving men, women, and teenagers who were incarcerated on Rikers Island, where Maggie was responsible for stewarding an extensive herb garden.

She now enjoys the privilege of working with people with developmental disabilities as the primary horticultural therapist and coordinator of the Plant, Grow, Give program at Mercy Home for Children. She specializes in mindfulness-based gardening practices and herbalism and she has a special fondness in her heart for the resilient wildness of the weedy plants that populate the urban landscape.

Classes by this instructor

Mercy Home provides services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including a robust therapeutic horticulture program that includes indoor, outdoor, and hydroponic gardening. This visit will offer an inside look into Mercy Home's beautiful courtyard, greenhouse, and indoor grow more...
242THP507 10/28 Sa 9:00am-2:00pm Riche