Instructor: Diana Arellano-Gonzalez

Diana Arellano-Gonzalez
Diana Arellano-Gonzalez is a budding yerbera whose ancestry is rooted in plant medicine. She draws on the wisdom of her great grandmother, Maria de la Luz, who was a healer and had a medicine garden in Durango, Mexico (Wixárika and Tepehuán land). Diana has closely worked with this flower as medicine for over 5 years and wishes to share how transformative the medicinal properties of the flower are since it's often only used for decoration or gardening. She also loves to explore the intersections of how herbs and food play with each other via instagram as @cocina.medicina.

Classes by this instructor

In Mexico, the marigold flower, Cempazúchitl in the Indigenous language Nahuatl, has been associated with the Día de Muertos celebrations for centuries. Discover the cultural importance of this plant while creating a tonic that supports the nervous system, as well more...
232WEL179 10/27 Th 6:00pm-8:00pm Arellano-Gonzalez