Instructor: Giselle Herrera

Giselle Herrera
Giselle Herrera is originally from Miami, Florida and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida in 2016 with a concentration in Biology and Environmental Science. While completing her undergraduate degree, Giselle volunteered at zoos, interned at government agencies, and was a biology laboratory instructor.

In 2015, Giselle was an undergraduate researcher funded through the National Science Foundation, where she worked on the project titled "Molecular Ecology of Coyotes in the New York Metropolitan Area" as a part of the Munshi-South Urban Evolution laboratory.

After graduating in 2016, Giselle accepted a position at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo as a Conservation Educator, where she led the development and instruction of ecological curricula for school (pre-K - 12), family, teacher, and Spanish-speaking audiences.

In 2018, she began her graduate work at Fordham University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, where she pursued her research, led course instruction, and completed a Master's of Science thesis titled "Comparative Population Genomics Of Native And Invasive Rodents Along An Urbanization Gradient In Borneo."

Giselle has always loved nature since her childhood and enjoys hiking, identifying plants, and going bird-watching.

Classes by this instructor

Coyotes, bears, and deer are becoming an integral part of urban life due to the extirpation of their predators and conversion of natural habitats. We will look closely at these species and discover how they have adapted to co-exist with more...
233NAT326O 02/08 We 6:00pm-8:00pm Herrera