Instructor: Betsy Rogers-Knox

Betsy Rogers-Knox
Betsy has been painting and drawing since childhood. Inspired by her English grandfather and his love of gardens Betsy has focused on illustrating plants and their habitats. She often follows the full lifecycle of a plant for a full year before beginning a painting. She received a Certificate in Botanical Illustration from the New York Botanical Garden in 2006 and has been illustrating plants ever since.Betsys work has been shown widely in the US and most recently wasexhibited in London at the Royal Horticultural Botanical Art Show 2016 where she was awarded the prestigious Silver Gilt Award for her series of paintings titled The Lifecycle of the Milkweed and Monarch. Her work has been exhibited at the 11- 18th ASBA Annual International Exhibitions in NYC where she received the Eleanor Wunderlich Award in 2015 for her painting titled Dragon Arum. Other exhibitions include: Weird,Wild and Wonderful, Following in the Bartrams Footsteps and Green Currency Betsy has been teaching Botanical Illustration for 10 years to both children and adults at local venues in Litchfield County, Ct including workshops at the Bellamy House and Garden in Bethlehem, the White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield and at her studio in Bethlehem. Betsy also teaches at the New York Botanical Garden in NYC and at the ASBA Conferences throughout the country.

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