Instructor: Nancy Slowik

Nancy Slowik
A dedicated naturalist for over 40 years, Nancy Slowik is the former director of Greenbrook Sanctuary, co-founder of the Greenbelt Native Plant Center, and author of two books on local flora. Currently, sheconsults with Restore Native Plants to provide guidance for a native plant propagation facility and restoration facility in Ramapo Mountain Park Preserve.

Classes by this instructor

In autumn our native Northeast flora can be spectacular, but difficult to identify. With a 10X power hand lens and a plant key, you'll learn to identify these wildflowers, shrubs, and trees on the Garden grounds.
251BOT331 09/07 Sa 10:00am-1:00pm Slowik

Learn to measure and monitor the ecological diversity observed and celebrated in and around New York City environs. Practice using field techniques for recording observations in nature while walking along trails in the Garden. Explore the biodiversity within your chosen more...
251NAT323 07/10 We 9:00am-12:00pm Slowik