Instructor: Michael Hagen

Michael Hagen
Michael Hagen is the NYBG"s Curator of the Native Plant Garden and the Rock Garden. He previously served as Staff Horticulturist for Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, NY and Garden Manager at Rocky Hills, in Mt. Kisco, a preservation project of the Garden Conservancy.

Classes by this instructor

This course is designed for horticulturists and gardeners who are familiar with the basic culture of perennials. Learn the identifying characteristics, classification, scientific and common names, and landscape uses of approximately 60 summer- and fall-blooming native and non-native perennials and more...
241HRT338A 09/12 Tu 4:00pm-6:00pm Hagen

Since autumn is the optimum season to plant bulbs, now is the time to decide what will work best in your garden. In this class, you'll receive an overview of bulbs-what they are and how to properly plant them. Common more...
234GAR287O 04/04 Tu 5:00pm-6:30pm Hagen

Narcissus—the genus of the deservedly ever-popular daffodils—add color and cheer to every garden. In this class, you'll receive an overview of these perennial spring flowering bulbs; their evolution through history, breeding, and cultivation. You'll visit NYBG's Daffodil Hill for a more...
234GAR264 04/22 Sa 2:00pm-4:00pm Hagen