Urban Tree Care - BLENDED

This blended class meets online for some sessions and on NYBG grounds for others. Registered students will receive login instructions and a syllabus with specifics.
Learn how trees survive the many perils of the urban environment. Soil compaction, construction damage, and land development practices can lead to tree decline and early mortality in trees. Examine the biology of trees, and learn how they respond to changes in the urban environment, particularly their response to natural and man-made stress. Explore techniques for assessing and preserving tree health and vigor, as well as new diagnostic tools and methods for tree and site analysis in developed urban sites. Prerequisite: Introduction to Plant Science

Required Text :
Clark, James R. & Nelda Matheny
Trees and Development
Publisher: International Society of Arboriculture, 1998

Introduction to Plant Science
Introduction to Plant Science - ONLINE

Available Sessions

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