Instructor: Steve Conaway

Steve Conaway
Steve Conaway, Ph.D. developed an early passion for plant science and sustainability working in crop diversity preservation on New England farms. He studied environmental horticulture at the University of New Hampshire where he helped implement the campus-wide composting program.

Steve pursued an interest in tropical plant science and invasive species on the island of Hawaii, working on farms and later as a visiting scholar for the Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center. Steve studied plant pathology at The Pennsylvania State University where his doctoral dissertation centered on the control of invasive weeds with naturally occurring fungal pathogens.

As Conservation and Outreach Director at Greenwich Land Trust, he led educational programming and directed ecological restoration projects on 750 acres of protected open space.

Steve currently works as the Assistant Director of Horticulture at Wave Hill focused on the health and beauty of the gardens, greenhouses, and woodlands.

Classes by this instructor

This user-friendly intro course surveys the major plant groups-flowering plants, conifers, ferns, and bryophytes-focusing on their form and structure. Become botanically literate and gain practical experience in dissecting and analyzing plant structures.
244HRT300CO 06/12 We 6:00pm-8:00pm Conaway

Explore how to create a healthy garden while supporting biodiversity and conserving resources. We'll discuss ways to minimize water usage, effectively handle stormwater, create a healthy soil food web, and use non-toxic alternatives to maintain optimal plant health.
244HRT395 04/24 We 6:00pm-8:00pm Conaway