Instructor: Kristen Alpaugh

Kristen Alpaugh
Kristen Alpaugh, the creative force behind FLWR PSTL, is the go-to Botanical Artist in Los Angeles, with a clientele boasting stars like Katy Perry, SZA, and Doja Cat, as well as major fashion and cosmetic brands. Her experimental work, a blend of natural beauty, fine art and high fashion, has graced the pages of The New York Times, The LA Times, Architectural Digest, and Vogue. Kristen showcased her talents on HBO Max's "Full Bloom" in 2020 and, in 2021, made history at the MAD Museum in Manhattan with the groundbreaking exhibit "Flower Craft."

But that's not all. In 2020, she founded Haus of Stems, the world's first on-demand botanical art atelier. This innovative venture ships luxury botanical art, adorned with FLWR PSTL's signature holographic finishes, to florists and floral enthusiasts across the US and Canada. Kristen's pioneering work includes the globally recognized irithurium?, iridescent anthurium highly sought after in the floral industry.

In the enchanting world of FLWR PSTL and Haus of Stems, Kristen passionately immerses herself in the art of Botanical Art, crafting stories that ignite the senses. Fueled by an intoxicating blend of creativity and an irresistible allure for the beauty of nature, her journey unfolds in a seductive dance of passion and artistic prowess.

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Join us as we go behind the scenes of NYBG's Orchid Show: Florals in Fashion with designers Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada, Olivia Cheng of Dauphinette, and Kristen Alpaugh of FLWR PSTL, in a dynamic conversation moderated by Vanessa Friedman, more...
243FDN804O 03/21 Th 6:30pm-8:00pm Cheng