Instructor: Hillary Taymour

Hillary Taymour
Hillary Taymour is founder/creator of the fashion brand Collina Strada. Collina Strada isn't just a fashion label, it's also a platform for social issues and awareness. Taymour's her main concern is staying true to her craft, and staying on course to becoming a fully sustainable and radically transparent brand in the near future.

Based and manufactured in New York, the brand's cult status core pieces transcend trends. Taymour's designs are imbued with a fearlessly fluid attitude, re-inventing classics and unexpected details. Collina Strada embodies humor and youth.
The brand DNA is now firmly cemented in the ability to look inward, even when we're loud and expressive on the outside. Season after season, Collina Strada's goal remains the same: to encourage self-reflection through clothing. How can you be the best version of yourself today?

Showing each season on the official New York Fashion Week schedule, Collina Strada has reimagined their shows to spur others into action. Runway shows have tackled global problems from racism to politics. "We are in a crucial state of change right now and the more we [do, the more we] can impact others to take action" says Taymour.

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