Instructor: Zemede Asfaw

Zemede Asfaw
Zemede Asfaw is a Professor of Ethnobotany and Plant Diversity in the Department of Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management at Addis Ababa University (AAU)), Ethiopia. He specializes in Applied Systematic Botany with sub-specialization in Crop Biology and Ethnobotany.

Zemede's research areas focus on ethnobotany covering the useful plants of Ethiopia with emphasis on plants known for their economic and cultural significance in the life of Ethiopians; ethnobotany of wild useful plants including wild edibles, medicinals and others; agrobiodiversity, home gardens, underutilized plants and orphan crops and the local diversity of leguminous crops maintained for millennia by smallholder farming households, further stretching to the roles of the rich farmers' varieties of the legumes in sustainable agroecological intensification across various farming systems and local food and healing cultures.

He is currently researching food system plants, agroecosystems and agroecosystem services in addition to other ethnobotanical works, which he conducts in collaboration with graduate students and colleagues.

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