Instructor: Avvah Rossi

Avvah Rossi
Avvah Rossi is a horticulturist and ISA-certified arborist with experience from many American botanical gardens, public parks and public estates in Northern California, Missouri, and the local Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Conservatory Garden of Central Park, NYBG, Naval Cemetery Landscape of Brooklyn's BGI, and The Bosque and Gardens of Remembrance at The Battery.

At Missouri Botanical Garden, she curated and cared for collections including the Balkans Rare and Endemic Plant Collection and the Boxwood (Buxus) collection and gardens, as well as working on the garden's arborist crew. She has also managed a cut flower garden, succulent and Mediterranean collections, and a minifarm/vegetable garden and orchards, planning and overseeing over 7500 pounds in annual yield for the local food bank. She has completed California Naturalist training and enjoys learning about and working with plant communities and local, native flora.

With an interest in effective horticultural management of multifarious green public spaces and a belief that a foundation of plant science and research-based approaches can help any level of gardener or visitor to gardens, Avvah enjoys educating the public about plants as part of work in public gardens: from botany and plant ID, seed saving, and more horticultural, arboricultural and sustainable agricultural practices.

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