Instructor: Michael Gaige

Michael Gaige
Michael Gaige is an independent consulting ecologist from upstate New York. His work explores the intersection of nature and cultural history at the landscape level. Michael works with organizations, private landowners, and design teams on park and landscape projects, historical ecology inventories, and conservation planning for natural areas. He holds degrees from Antioch University and Prescott College and has taught field studies programs for 15 years at several colleges and universities. For more than a decade, Michael has been researching the ecology and history of wolf trees.

Classes by this instructor

Explore the basic principles that influence the ecological relationships of the forest ecosystem. Using the Garden grounds as a site for observation and field study, learn to understand the forces that shape our natural environment—the Northeast Woodland. Online lectures and more...
234BOT326BL 06/01 Th 7:00pm-9:00pm Gaige

Join ecologist Michael Gaige as he demonstrates how to identify old and ancient trees, both in Eastern woodlands and across the globe. He will discuss the factors that allow them to grow for centuries and illustrate how the advanced age, more...
234NAT353O 06/14 We 6:00pm-8:00pm Gaige