Instructor: Stacie Ellickson-Hastie

Stacie Ellickson-Hastie
Stacie Ellickson-Hastie, LLA, is a Senior Landscape Architect and certified arborist at MNLA. A native of Iowa, she received her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University and practiced in Des Moines prior to moving to New York City in 2015. It was during her childhood that she became familiar with native tallgrass prairies, sparking an interest in planting design. With over 10 years' experience Stacie has managed a variety of project types at different scales and has a passion for finding solutions and details that make each project unique. Her recent work includes a large urban park and development in Brooklyn and waterfront parks in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Classes by this instructor

Through a series of design assignments, prepare a variety of planting plans that are practical, appropriate, and aesthetically satisfying. Explore the significance of site conditions as well as plant form, text, color, and ecological associations.
243LAN403BO 03/13 We 6:15pm-9:15pm Ellickson-Hastie