Instructor: Owen McLaughlin

Owen McLaughlin
Owen McLaughlin is a Landscape Architect and Director of the Southington Regional Agriculture Program. He holds his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from Clemson University and has over 15 years experience designing, installing and maintaining residential and commercial landscapes in Connecticut and New York. Owen was named the 2021 NAAE Outstanding Agriculture Teacher and lectures frequently at events such as the Connecticut Flower Show.

Classes by this instructor

Learn the core differences between rhododendrons and azaleas in this introductory course. Explore growing conditions, landscape uses, cultural requirements, top species and cultivars of these garden favorites. You'll also gain insight into how to properly plant them in your landscape. more...
244GAR286 05/04 Sa 2:00pm-4:30pm McLaughlin

Learn the identification, classification, and landscape use of spring-flowering trees and shrubs. Major plant groups include Magnolia, Malus, Prunus, Viburnum,and other genera, which are particularly ornamental in spring. The class goes out on the grounds rain or shine. Prerequisite: Introduction more...
244HRT334CBL 04/13 Sa 10:30am-1:30pm McLaughlin