Instructor: Lucy Martin

Lucy Martin
Lucy Martin's botanical paintings reflect her lifelong, deep connection withnature. She grew up in Colorado where her love of the mountains and forests nurtured in her a habit of close observation of the botanical world.

Her work has been shown in many group and solo exhibitions, and she has received the Silver Medal at the New York Botanical Garden Triennial and "Best in Show" at the ASBA Annual International Exhibition in 2021.

Her tutorial on gouache technique appears in the ASBA Handbook of Botanical Art Techniques.Lucy paints in gouache and watercolor, frequently focusing on the mysterious beauty of fungi and lichens.

Mainly self-taught, she has developed an individual painting technique characterized by layering, meticulous detail and intense color. She lives in Santa Rosa, California, and teaches gouache technique for botanical art.

Classes by this instructor

From "mushroom leather" fashion to best-selling books on how mycelial networks create webs of interconnectivity between species, fungi continue to capture the contemporary imagination. Join us to view stunning artwork created by botanical artists Christiane Fashek, Lucy Martin, and Margaret more...
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