Instructor: Christiane Fashek

Christiane Fashek
Christiane Fashek is a botanical artist based in New York. Formerly an architect, she transferred her interest in form and structure to the study and illustration of lichens and natural ephemera. She earned her NYBG Certificate of Botanical Illustration with honors.

Pencil is her preferred medium, particularly colored pencil combined with dry brush.

Christiane is a member of the ASBA, the Tri-State Botanical Artists and the Colored Pencil Collective.See samples of Christiane's work on her Instagram account @christianefashek

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From "mushroom leather" fashion to best-selling books on how mycelial networks create webs of interconnectivity between species, fungi continue to capture the contemporary imagination. Join us to view stunning artwork created by botanical artists Christiane Fashek, Lucy Martin, and Margaret more...
233BIL807O 02/16 Th 6:00pm-7:00pm Fashek