Instructor: Sarah Charlop-Powers

Sarah Charlop-Powers
Sarah Charlop-Powers is the co-founder and executive director of the Natural Areas Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to managing New York City's 20,000 acres of forests and wetlands. The Natural Areas Conservancy works in more than 50 parks across the five boroughs and takes a science-based approach to conserving the city's nature, improving coastal resilience, and ensuring healthy forests. The Natural Areas Conservancy has created plans to guide the management of NYC's forests, wetlands and trail system.

Prior to founding the Natural Areas Conservancy, Sarah launched the park management program for Scenic Hudson, where she managed parks from Westchester to the Capital Region. She also worked at Jonathan Rose Companies, NYSERDA, and the National Association of Transportation Officials. Sarah is a Bronx native and now lives in Brooklyn with her family.

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