Instructor: James Lendemer, Ph.D.

James Lendemer, Ph.D.
James C. Lendemer earned a Ph.D. in Biology from the City University of New York, where he studied lichen taxonomy. He previously taught courses and workshops at Southern Oregon University and the Universityof Maine. From 2006 to 2011, he was a chairman on the Bryophyte and Lichen Technical Committee for the Pennsylvania Biological Survey. Lendemer has authored nearly 200 papers and publications and currentlyworks in the Garden's Institute of Systematic Botany.

For Entwined, he will present:
Cryptogams: The Next Frontier for Biodiversity Discovery and Conservation
Cryptogams (mosses, fungi, and algae) comprise millions of species andinclude some of the most remarkable and improbable products of evolution. While scientists have studied these organisms for centuries, recent advances have made it possible to harness vast resources from the field, the museum and the laboratory. The result is an exciting new frontier in scientific discovery and conservation that lies at the roots of the tree of life, beneath our feet and through a hand lens.

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