Plant Studio

Ready to set off on your captivating journey into the botanical world? Discover the perfect balance of flexible online coursework and expert instruction with Plant Studio—the newest addition to NYBG's Continuing Education program. With instruction from NYBG plant pros, grow your knowledge through pre-recorded courses, virtual tours of garden spaces, lively discussions with fellow students, and personal feedback on your projects from our experts.

Dig into gardening, botany, floral design, landscape design, and more from the comfort of your own space, wherever you are located in the world. Plant Studio courses are easy to take part in using the online learning platform Canvas; each week you'll be provided access to a new module in your course—giving you a week to complete the coursework for that module. You can always revisit previous modules to brush up on your knowledge, and the course discussion board is a great place to engage with your fellow students. At the end of your course, you'll hand in a final project and receive live feedback from your instructor.

Browse our current portfolio of courses below.


"Travel the globe" during this survey of European, American, Chinese, Japanese, and Islamic garden traditions, while exploring a wide range of iconic examples—from private gardens to public parks.
251PLT100A 08/07   Merritt

Learn how to design, plant, and care for a container garden that's both functional and full of four-season beauty, whether it's on your home patio, terrace, or deck—or in your apartment.
251PLT120B 08/07   Beyers

Familiarize yourself with the basics of sustainable floral design through orchids. This course teaches you to create stunning arrangements, step by step, with simple design principles and easy-to-find materials.
251PLT130A 08/07   Elfe

Learn to prune like NYBG! In this two-week course, our plant experts will guide you through essential pruning techniques for woody plants like small trees and shrubs, and more.
251PLT140B 08/07   Ippolito


Do you find yourself daydreaming about the plants around you—wondering how they grow and thrive? Indulge your curiosity as we introduce you to the fascinating world of plant science.
251PLT110 09/04   Bakis