Mother's Day Ikebana Workshop

Celebrate Mother's Day with a unique bonding experience at our special parent-child Ikebana floral design workshop geared toward families. Led by esteemed Ikenobo School instructor Paula Tam and assistant Yiwei Zhang, this engaging session invites parents and children to dive into the art of Ikebana—the Japanese style of flower arranging. Each duo will learn basic Ikebana practices and embrace Eastern aesthetics as they work together to create two beautiful arrangements, inspired by Mother's Day, for participants to take home, including flowers, a kenzan (pin frog), containers, and packing materials for safe transport. No prior experience needed; just bring your creativity and enjoy the journey!

The cost includes all floral and hard good materials for two participants (one adult and one child). Child participant must be 6 years of age or older.

Sessions Available for Registration

This course contains no sessions