Plant Studio: Pruning Basics

This flexible online course will remain open for registration until 6 days after the course start date. Note the "Schedule" of each session for more information.
Learn to prune like NYBG! In this two-week course, our plant experts will guide you through essential pruning techniques for woody plants like small trees and shrubs, provide insight on why and when to prune, as well as give constructive feedback on your own pruning project. This course includes pre-recorded lectures and pruning demos filmed here across NYBG's landmark 250 acres-featuring Director of NYBG's School of Professional Horticulture Richard Smith and Foreman of Gardeners Mobee Weinstein.

Weekly Content Overview:
  • Week 1: Explore pruning principles for landscape plants, including when and why to prune woody plants.
  • Week 2: Learn pruning techniques from making the first cut to maintaining your newly pruned plants, including practicing what you have learned hands-on as your final project.

Throughout this course, your course facilitator (who is identified as "instructor" in the session info below) will be with you every step of the way, by providing feedback on assignments and answering questions through discussion boards.

Materials Information:
To complete this course, you'll need a woody plant to practice your pruning-whether it's in a container, in your own home garden or apartment, or in a shared community garden.

This course includes tools and materials that students will need to purchase separately. Information will be provided via Canvas one week prior to the course start date in the Welcome Module.

For more information about how Plant Studio works, view our FAQs.

Available Sessions